Meet the Trainer

Trainer - Kim Laursen

Communication has always been Kim's strong point. An avid rider herself, she understands how powerful clear communication is between a rider and their instructor at every level.

I see communication as broken down into three parts; Patience, Clarity, and Persistence. I try to combine these pieces together during lessons to insure my students are set up for success when they are trying to learn.

Kim's junior career began in the local hunter and equitation rings with a handful of four legged partners along the way. As a child, her family owned horse property in Diablo Country Club where she would bring her performance horses home and trail ride up Mt Diablo or into Downtown Danville with friends. 

" We had so much fun with our horses! I want my students to experience the same fun my childhood was full of."


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When she turned 11 years old she began working around her Hunter trainers barn in exchange for extra riding time. After spending countless hours as a working student, she enrolled in an independent study program to begin shaping a career for herself in the Hunter/Jumper industry. Her love of competing grew into the jumper ring, leasing her Children's Jumper, Lucy, and starting a small hauling business to help pay for her horse show expenses while continuing to work for her trainer. As an Amateur, she obtained her AA Degree from Diablo Valley College in Communications, while transitioning into a full time position with Royal Horses Stables - specializing in Grand Prix prospects with a European edge.

I learned so much about what makes a horse a top competitor in every division. Every horse was groomed multiple times per day with attention to every detail, from their training regime to nutrition and appearance. One time, I was sent back to the barn because I left shavings in my horses tail. Horsemanship is everything! I knew that is what I wanted for my program.

Kim had the opportunity to ride and show on the West Coast International circuit with Royal Horses, and learned the "behind the scenes" work that goes into shaping a top competitor. She established Pyramid Sport Horses, Inc on the same principles.